Show #5 is the fifth episode of 2 Sense, released on July 13, 2003. This show was co-hosted by Jakebe.


"Electrical tape looks good on a baby."

World NewsEdit

  • Tennessee middle school films students undressing in locker rooms
  • Man hit by train after repeatedly rolling across tracks in motorized scooter
  • Singapore’s Environment Minister awards five-star rating to public washroom
  • Bush salutes efforts of American military on Independence Day
  • Australian Christian school bans newest Harry Potter novel
  • Man goes on deadly shooting rampage at a Lockheed-Martin plant
  • Professional baseball player hits sausage mascot with bat
  • California bus driver thwarts government efforts with vitamin K pellets
  • Canadian researchers claim Stonehenge is a massive female fertility symbol

Furry NewsEdit

  • Uniquely-named horse “Big Tits” to race in Britain
  • Injured dog finds own way to hospital
  • Russian police deploy cat to sniff out contraband fish
  • Experimental sheep food contains nitrogen and gun propellants


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