Most episodes of 2 Sense 1.0 featured a tagline spoken at the beginning of the show by the robotic voice. Most of the time, the taglines were offesive statements intended to shock the viewer, to let the listner know exactly what he/she was getting into.

List of taglines by showEdit

Show 1Edit

"What the hell is 2 Sense?"

Show 2Edit

(No tagline)

Show 3Edit

"My balls ache for children."

Show 4Edit

"If you suck horses, Jesus will hate you."

Show 5Edit

"Electrical tape looks good on a baby."

Show 6Edit

"Why not eat placenta?"

Show 7Edit

"I will sell you ass candy."

Show 8Edit

"Munch on my man meat."

Show 9Edit

"God has a very large penis."

Show 10Edit

"Have a very large woman slave."

Show 11Edit

"I have a vast man cunt."

Show 12Edit

"The scent of penis is a fancy thing."

Show 13Edit

"I have fourteen penises in my mouth."

Show 14Edit

"Could you slap my thighs and call me jennifer?"

Show 15Edit

"Children have cleaner vaginas."

Show 16Edit

"Camel semen does not taste pleasant.'"

Show 17Edit

"Let's fuck an entire religion today!"

Show 18Edit

"Old people make good elephant dildos."

Show 19Edit

"Handcuffs aren't just for old women anymore."

Show 20Edit

"Short people have nothing to look foreward to."

Show 21Edit

"Children teste like happiness."

Show 22Edit

"There is a sticky asshole waiting for everyone."

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